What to do When the SHTF? - Making Your SHTF Plan

Learn the importance of a SHTF plan and how to develop one that fits your circumstances with supplies from Uppercut Tactical.

    What is SHTF? - Types of SHTF Situations

    What is SHTF? Learn about different types of SHTF scenarios and how to prepare yourself and your family for survival with supplies from Uppercut Tactical.

      How Long Does Emergency Food Last?

      How Long Does Emergency Food Last? This overview will give you an estimate of how well each component of your prepper food supply will stand up against time.

        Supply Chain Issues 2022 - What to Expect and How to Prepare

        We've all seen the signs. Supply chains were massively disrupted during COVID, and 2022 has only been worse. But what can we do about it? And what comes next?

          Where To Buy Bulk Canned Food - Our Go-To Brand.

          Where To Buy Bulk Canned Food? We have tried a few different brands of prepper canned food, but My Patriot Supply is our favorite so far! Find out why.

            Food Shortages Coming to America: What you need to know

            Are you prepared for the food shortages coming to America? Find out what's causing them, what to expect, and how to survive when they hit.

              Root Causes of Food Insecurity and the Current Food Crisis

              Learn about the root causes of food insecurity, the current global food crisis, and how you can prepare, at Uppercut Tactical.

                Food Riots: The terrible consequences of global food insecurity

                It is only a matter of time before we witness food riots driven by global food crisis. What are its causes and what can people do to prepare? Find out here!

                  My Patriot Food Supply Review: The Best Option for You

                  In our My Patriot Food Supply Review, we take a look at some of the products offered by the company and see how well they stack up.