My Patriot Food Supply Review: The Best Option for You

My Patriot Food Supply Review: The Best Option for You - Uppercut Tactical

My Patriot Food Supply Review: The Best Option for You

In the event of a natural disaster such as blizzards, hurricanes, and even man-made calamities, food emergency preparedness is one of your major priorities. Having enough food for you and your family must be available at all times for your survival in troubled times especially when SHTF. My Patriot Supply assures you that they are ready to provide you with one of the best emergency food supply options on the market for long-term food storage. And our My Patriot Food Supply Review aims to help you pick the best option for your food storage setup.

In this article, we will be reviewing My Patriot Supply’s emergency food supply options. We'll review six choices that cover the top prepper use cases. If you're short on time, here is a summary of the results:

My Patriot Supply Review - A summary of the top products.

Who is My Patriot Supply?

My Patriot Supply, which launched in 2008, is one of the first patriotism-oriented emergency preparedness supply companies in the emergency prep industry. They cater to individuals, both preppers and those who simply like to have a backup plan, who want to prepare for their safety when disasters such as the collapse of the economy, the natural disasters that continue to hit our communities, and the pandemic that hit the supply chains worldwide. They envision families being self-reliant in the unforeseeable future. My Patriot Supply wants every person to be self-sufficient. They live by the motto, “It’s Not Just Food. It’s Freedom” - which tells how much they want everyone to be independent and not to rely on anyone for their sustenance - whether the supply chains, their community or even the government.

What products does My Patriot Supply Offer? 

My Patriot Supply offers numerous options from emergency survival food to survival supplies, and even equipment that can help your family in times of emergency. My Patriot Supply features various items such as water filtration equipment, air purification items, even survival coffee, and My Patriot Supply’s flagship product, sprouting heirloom seeds. Their products are made in the USA which ensures high quality for all the items. Most importantly, their emergency food supply has a shelf life of 25 years that safeguards you and your family’s survival and safety.

My Patriot Supply Emergency Food Supply Review

My Patriot Supply ensures you and your family’s emergency preparedness for any natural disaster by having numerous emergency food supply options. These emergency food supply options are a must in your patriot pantry. 

We categorize the My Patriot Supply reviews into two parts: long-term food storage and short-term food storage.

Short-term Food Storage items

The Best for Bug-out Situations: The 72-hour sample pack

This Ready Hour 72-hour sample pack from My Patriot Supply is the best for your bug-out bags during SHTF situations. This 72-hour sample pack has 20 servings with various meal kits that provide one person with 2000 calories per day. This food kit has four shelf-stable meals that are packaged in resealable, heavy-duty four-layered mylar pouches which have oxygen absorbers inserted to ensure an extended shelf life. This emergency food kit can last one person up to three days and last in your pantries for up to 25 years when stored properly.

The My Patriot Supply 72-hour emergency food kit weighs 2.75 pounds which are perfect to carry in your bug-out bag too. The meals in this food kit are easy to cook as well which is a big plus for us preppers. More to that is that it is very affordable at $24.95.

Pros: Perfect for a grab-and-go in an SHTF situation and can be packed in a bug-out bag.

Cons: Does not have enough variety in meal kits.

My Patriot Supply Review - Ready Hour 72-hour sample pack


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The Best for Food Sensitivity: The Gluten-free Case Pack Kit

This emergency food supply option is the best for people who are sensitive or allergic to gluten in their diets. This Ready Hour My Patriot Supply pack is an exclusive kit of gluten-free emergency meal kits. This pack consists of four gluten-free options of 140 servings that can provide 33,520 total calories. The meals included in this kit are Black Bean Burger Mix Case Pack, Creamy Chicken Flavored Rice, Maple Grove Oatmeal, and Southwest Savory Rice.

This can last depending on the number of people in your family who are sensitive to gluten. Moreover, the shelf life of this pack can last up to 25 years when stored properly. This weighs 12 pounds which is a perfect add-on to your emergency food supply storage or even your bug-out bag. It is also highly affordable considering its contents and price at $105.80.   

Pros: Perfect as an add-on option for people who are sensitive to gluten.

Cons: May not be enough food options for many members of the family who are not sensitive to gluten.

My Patriot Supply Review - Ready Hour Gluten-free Case Pack Kit

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The Best Budget-Friendly Option: The 4-week food kit

We consider this 4-week food kit the best budget-friendly option for short-term emergencies for various reasons. A short-term emergency can last for a month and this kit can efficiently sustain you through a total of 244 servings and 2,000 calories per day for one person. This My Patriot Supply product consists of 16 meal kits packed in resealable heavy-duty pouches with oxygen absorbers. Moreover, the pouches are packed in a disaster-durable bucket that is heat resistant and locks out moisture—built for long-term storage.

This kit emergency food kit can last up to one month for one person and has a shelf life of 25 years. It is also very easy to transport with the bucket, so we really recommend this one! A tip for preppers who are just starting to bulk for their emergency food supply is that you can start with this kit knowing that it has a long shelf life and it only costs $297 for one month worth of food. You can buy one kit every month to build your supply for any SHTF situation.

Pros: Can be great for starting preppers to slowly bulk for their prepper pantries and is highly portable.

Cons: Some meals may have high sugar content which can be unhealthy for some preppers.

My Patriot Supply Review - Ready Hour 4-week food kit

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3-month food kit

This kit is the best as a staple emergency food supply option for long-term storage. If the 4-week food kit was the best budget-friendly option for short-term situations, this My Patriot Supply 3-month food kit is the best to bargain for your buck. With 874 servings giving one person 2,000 calories a day for three months, this is a home run in the long-term SHTF situations.

This My Patriot Supply 3-month food kit consists of 21 high-quality meals including an energy drink and milk that are packed just like the 4-week food kit—in resealable pouches and a bucket. This is a great addition to your emergency preparedness plan in times of a natural disaster, hyperinflation, or breaks in the supply chain. This weighs 121 pounds that can store in your bunks or even in garages ready for a grab-and-go situation. This kit only costs $647 which means you only spend $7.10 for every 2,000 calories. We see this as the perfect bargain choice as preppers and government agencies suggest that we must have at least three months’ worth of food for every person.
Pros: Perfect for people who like a variety of meals with sustenance and very easy to store.

Cons: Can be expensive for starting preppers.

My Patriot Supply Review - Ready Hour 3-month food kit

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The Divide and Conquer Option: 6-month food kit

This My Patriot Supply 6-month food kit is our pick as the best “divide and conquer” option because of the versatility of this kit. Although you can have this kit for one person for up to 180 days, you can feed a family of 4 for more than a month and a half. This means you only spend $2 for every 2,000 calories for every person for 45 days or less than $10 for one person for six months.

The My Patriot Supply 6-month food kit includes 21 meals, just like the previous kits but with 1740 servings. It costs $1,587 with a 25-year shelf life with proper storage. My Patriot Supply meals are very rich in calories and nutrients and also have good flavor Adding this to your stockpile means that you have more than a complete selection that will make your prepper patriot pantry stable and efficient.

Pros: You can be confident that you are prepared for any emergency for a long time.

Cons: Not for someone who is just starting a stockpile.

My Patriot Supply Review - Ready Hour 6-month foot kit

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Best Long term Option: 1-year food kit

The My Patriot Supply 1-year food kit is what we see as the best long-term food option. With this kit, you are ensured of survival food security that will last you for a year. It has 3480 servings that you can share among your family members that can last you during long-term emergencies. It has the same meals as the three to six-month kits. We see this as the best long-term option because of the amount of survival food it has.

You and your family can survive for more than three months with 2,000 calories a day. More to is the mylar pouches and disaster-proof bucket that the meals are packed in that ensure the 25-year shelf life. We really think that this is a great option, especially amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the current Russian-Ukraine war that caused the hit on the world supply chain. As they say, go big or go home and this is the biggest option you can get. This My Patriot Supply 1-year food kit costs $2,987 which may be pricey for other people, but we see this to be the most practical option yet.

Pros: Good for large families and for preppers who want long-term food supply options.

Cons: Can be out of budget for some people.

My Patriot Supply Review - Ready Hour 1-year food kit


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Final Verdict: My Patriot Supply Customer Reviews

Current and historical events show how much natural disasters can force us to be independent and self-reliance is one principle that My Patriot Supply offers to us. We see that emergency food supplies are a must in our emergency kit and My Patriot Supply offers many options for veteran and newbie preppers. We see that they have high-quality products, with great shelf life, and easy-to-cook meals. My Patriot Supply can cover you for any survival situation and we give them a salute for their survival products and other survival gear.


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