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Our Favorite Starter Knives

Urban Edge Push Dagger$34.99

With double serrated edges for tough cutting chores, this powerful push dagger is deceptively small and light. This is its key advantage - because while it hangs innocuously fro...

Digital Camo | Master USA - AO Rescue Knife$19.99

Digital Camo | Master USA - AO Rescue Knife These badass digital camo rescue knives from Master USA are the perfect EDCs. With their sharp blades, glass breakers, and belt/stra...

The Tactician | MTech - Rescue Knife$24.99

The Tactician | MTech - Rescue Knife The Tactician is a classic rescue knife but with aggressive, tactical styling. With this knife, you'll be ready to handle emergency situati...

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Templar OTF Knives

The best double-action OTF knife under $100.

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