What does the bible say about self defense?

As a Christian, you look to God’s word to guide your morals, values, and behaviors in life. Some actions are expressly forbidden, for example, stealing, killing, or committing adultery in the Ten Commandments. However, other areas, like using self-defense to protect your home and family, aren't always clear.

    Self-Defense for Women

    Mastering self-defense techniques is an empowering way for women to improve their personal safety. Self-defense covers a broad range of survival skills, from avoiding potential dangers and maintaining awareness of your environment to defending yourself and surviving a physical confrontation.

      The Best .22 Pistols for Self-Defense

      The .22 Long Rifle cartridge is the world’s most common rimfire cartridge and the world’s most widely available firearm cartridge overall. Discover the pros and cons of .22 pistols and revolvers for self-defense, and explore the top models available now.

        Where Are Stun Guns Legal?

        Stun gun laws vary depending on the state and locality. Find out if stun guns are legal in your area before buying one.

          Best 9mm Ammo for Self-Defense

          Do you carry a 9mm pistol or revolver for self-defense? Check out the top ammunition brands and get the best bang for your buck.

          The Best Self-Defense Items for Women

          Explore the top self-defense items for women, from pepper spray to personal alarms. Learn how to enhance your safety with our detailed guide.

            Best Martial Arts for Self Defense

            Explore the best martial arts for self-defense and learn why these forms have proven street effectiveness.

              Taser Self-Defense: Is it Right for You?

              Learn about electroshock weapons, the technical differences between each type, and situations where they may be most appropriate.

                When Can You Use a Knife in Self-Defense?

                Understanding local and state knife laws is crucial in understanding when you can use a knife in self-defense legally.