The Uppercut Tactical Holiday Gift Guide 2022

The Uppercut Tactical Holiday Gift Guide 2022 - Uppercut Tactical

The Uppercut Tactical Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Yup, it's that time again. The Holiday Season. Which means you have a lot of gifts to buy. Luckily, Uppercut Tactical is here to make it easy for you, with our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide.

Whether you've got a knife collector in the family. A friend who could use a self defense blade to stay safe in times of increased crime rates. Or if you're just looking for some cool Christmas gifts to hurry up and buy before inflation eats away at your hard earned cash. - We've got something for everyone on your list. 

So go ahead and get your shopping done - the quicker you finish, the sooner you can actually sit back and enjoy the holidays. And while you're here, go ahead and pick up something for yourself. You deserve it. 😉

Gift Guide Overview (Links)

If you have any questions on which knife is best for you, we're happy to help. Send us a message on our Contact Page and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Best Sellers

First up, the knives we've sold more of than anything else this year. They're on our Best Sellers list for a reason - from our folding blades that offer an incredible value for your dollar, to the Templar OTF knives with our customers' favorite designs. Every knife on this list offers a value that stands out from all the rest.

For Him

For the men in your life - a husband, boyfriend, father or brother - a new knife is a gift that never needs a justification. He'll be content toying with these blades for hours. As an added perk for you, he'll use this as an excuse to help cut open all your gift boxes this season. 

For Her

Gentlemen, treat your lady to something nice this year - a badass pocket knife. Whether it's to help her feel safer in a dark alleyway, or just to help her open the thousands of Amazon boxes headed your way. You'll learn quick that your wife, girlfriend, mother and daughters all love a new knife almost as much as you do.

Tactical Knives

For those who live in crime-ridden cities like LA. Or who simply enjoy LARPing as a self defense expert. We don't judge. Any of the knives on our tactical list would be perfect for either. 

Under $25

We understand not everyone has an unlimited budget on Christmas gifts for second cousins, three times removed. Especially in recessionary times. Which is why we make a specific effort to always have a collection of knives on hand which offer incredible value for an affordable price. While they may not have all the fancy bells and whistles of more expensive knives, we'd trust any one of these knives to get the job done every time.

Under $50

Stepping up the bracket one pay grade, here are our favorite knives available that you can get for less than $50. 

Top of the Line

For your favorite uncle. These are the highest quality blades we sell, with a price tag to match. If you need a truly stand out gift for someone special, this is the place to look. Blades with special steels and some absolutely solid Made in USA knives are the standouts here.

Patriotic & Political

What kind of holiday season would it be if things didn't get political? These knives will give your family and friends something to spill gravy over. Your EDC knife is a great way to show you're proud to be on Team USA. And by the way, it's not that we're trying to take sides here... it's just that nobody has ever asked us to make a pro-Biden knife. 🤷‍♂️

Thin Blue Line

Whether you know someone who serves as a LEO, or your acquaintances simply are not onboard with defunding the police, our Thin Blue Line collection offers a great way to show your support. You can Back the Blue! with any of these knives.

Made in the USA

Only the best. Our Made in America list is a short one because we hold it to the highest standards: to be included on a list, a knife must be made exclusively in the USA, from the first manufacture to the last quality control. But what better way to support your country than to shop off a 100% Made in USA Christmas Shopping List? 

Merry Christmas!

Jokes aside, we know Christmas shopping can be a stressful time of the year. So we hope this guide helps you in your gift selection. And don't forget to take a deep breath and actually enjoy time with your family this Holiday Season! Even that aunt who is really into bird watching.

If you have any questions on which knife is best for you, we're happy to help. Send us a message on our Contact Page and we'll get back to you ASAP.


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