Why is There a Food Shortage in the US?

Why is There a Food Shortage in the US? - Uppercut Tactical

Why is There a Food Shortage in the US?

Experts predict a global food shortage is coming amid global supply chain issues, high oil prices, and the Russia-Ukraine War. Worldwide, food prices have increased by 33%, oil costs have risen by almost 66%, and fertilizer prices have gone up by more than 50%. The number of people affected by famine has grown to over 500,000, a 500% increase in the last eight years. These numbers speak to the global food shortage issue, but why is there a food shortage in the US right now?

Examine how this worldwide issue affects US food supplies and prices and learn how to prepare for the looming shortage. 

Why is There a Food Shortage in 2022?

The global food shortage is the result of several problems that have occurred over the past several years. 

Russia-Ukraine War

The recent Russia-Ukraine War is causing ripple effects throughout the world. Combined, both countries produce about 25% of the world’s wheat supply. The war caused wheat prices to increase by nearly 17% in one month, adding to the already inflated prices. 

The war, coupled with India’s ban on wheat exports to protect its food security due to blighted harvests, has increased prices and may result in a temporary shortage of wheat products. 

Supply chain issues

Supply chain issues continue post-COVID-19, from manufacturers to grocery stores.   While the invasion of Ukraine by Russia plays a role in disputed supply chains from Europe, logistics and transportation labor shortages in the United States continue to impact the food available on grocery store shelves.   

Oil prices

Crude oil prices have risen to $102.47 per barrel, a record high. This increase is due to several factors; however, the most pressing is limited oil supply. High oil prices make transportation and power more expensive, causing a rise in food prices and leading to food insecurity in many households. 

Inflation in gas prices due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Fertilizer shortages

The world is facing fertilizer shortages leading to lower harvest yields and reduced-quality foods. Russia and Ukraine account for a large portion of the world’s fertilizer exports, so the war is causing prices to increase. 

Fertilizer costs about three to four times more than just two years ago, and the price increase and shortage have devastating effects on the global food market.  

Why is There a Food Shortage in the US?

The global food shortage hasn’t hit the US in full force, but citizens are seeing the effects. Food costs have risen 8.6% in the last year, and some items, such as fish and meat, have risen 14.2%, while eggs have risen 32.2%. 

In the coming months, you may experience low supplies of staples like wheat (including bread), meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy. 

What did Biden say about the food shortage?

In March 2022, Biden announced a food shortage in the US was likely. During a speech in Illinois, Biden said that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is heavily responsible for the food price increase and forecasted crippling shortages. He also said that to keep our food supply up, we need to invest in farmers in the US and fertilizer production. 

Is a Food Shortage Coming Soon?

Much of the world is already experiencing food shortages and the devastating consequences that come with them. Although there’s no telling how bad the food shortage will get in the US, citizens should begin preparing for a possible shortage event. 

Prepper Pantry Food storage to prepare for shortage

How to Prepare for Food Shortage 2022

To prepare for a food shortage in the US, you can invest in high-quality food supply packages. In addition to stockpiling canned and dry goods, stock up on pre-packaged food supplies and have a look at some other food storage methods you can use

Traditional food stockpiles can go bad or succumb to pests, but food survival packages can last up to 25 years and require no special storage. These packs hold between 60 and 120 meals in an easy-to-store and transport container. 

Check out our food shortage preparation supplies and ensure your family’s pantry is always well-stocked. And read our article here to learn more about what you can do to prepare for a food shortage in the United States.


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