The Best 72 Hour Food Kits on the Market

The Best 72 Hour Food Kits on the Market - Uppercut Tactical

The Best 72 Hour Food Kits on the Market

Disasters are inevitable and that is truly a fact! And once when shit hits the fan, all we can do is try to survive it. We should always remember that the first step towards survival is preparedness. And food is one of the major key factors towards our survival.

As the world is currently undergoing an alarming rise in food insecurity, preparing your own emergency food supply is a must whether you may be a prepper or not. In this article, we list our Top 5 72-Hour Food Kits available on the market for you to consider. We rank these 72 hour emergency food supply products from pricing, actual shelf life, and the number of calories for each pack as we make sure you get the best out of your buck! We will be giving you an overview of the products, the price, and the pros & cons when you choose the product. 


Uppercut Tactical has analyzed all 72-hour food kits available on the market and weighed them to the factors of pricing, shelf life, how many people it serves, the number of servings, the number of calories per serving, and the inclusions of the kits. ReadyWise is our number one pick as the best 72-hour food kit.

Summary and comparison of our top picks.

What is a 72-hour food kit?

During emergencies and challenging events, the most unexpected things can happen especially when you are unprepared. A 72-hour food kit is a type of emergency food supply that is made for long-term storage. This food kit mainly consists of long term food with a shelf life that can last for decades. This is perfect for your survival kit during challenging events when SHTF happens. You can prepare yourselves with these food kits that can sustain you for around three days or even longer, depending on how much you consume in a day.

Stocking 72 hour emergency food supply can help you and your family member to be prepared for events such as food shortages, especially amidst the current Ukraine-Russian war and the COVID-19 Lockdowns. Nothing is certain in these times.

Shelf life

What does it mean that an emergency food supply has a “long shelf life”? Shelf life is the length of time in which emergency foods can last. As we all truly know, unprocessed food such as fruits, vegetables, and even liquids such as juice and milk only has a limited time before it goes bad therefore it has a short shelf life. However, emergency food supply kits are developed and produced to be non perishable food that can last from 20-30 years which can help you prepare for a natural disaster or an unexpected emergency by storing them in your emergency stash.

Why is it important to check the shelf life of your emergency food supply? Simply, to get the best out of your buck and to help you and your family to prepare for any SHTF event. You can check the shelf life of your products on their packaging and can even have specific instructions on how to store them to sustain their expected shelf life.

Why do I need an emergency food supply?

Today’s consumers are experiencing a large crisis in the number one need of man—Food. The global food shortage is caused by the presence of civil and political unrest and increasing natural disasters. Unexpected disasters are inevitable and this alone must be a reason for you to start preparing your own emergency food supply. It is important to have a shelf-stable emergency food option for these situations for you and your family.

Which emergency food solution is best for me?

  1. ReadyWise 72 Hour Emergency Food and Drink Supply

ReadyWise has been widely known to be one of the leading brands in the survival and preparedness sphere as they have a wide variety of emergency food supply kits. Their 72 Hour Emergency Food and Drink Supply is our #1 pick in the market! This kit comes with both food and drinks that are full of calories that will last one person up to three days. With 32 servings and having 260 calories each serving and 8320 total calories, it is sure to sustain you through an unexpected emergency.

For only a regular price of $44.99 this food kit is proven to have a 25 year shelf life and maintain its best quality and great taste ever since you bought the 72 hour kit. This emergency food supply box includes 12 servings of lunch/dinner flavor packed entrées, 8 servings of breakfast entrees, and 12 servings of milk derivative. This 72 hour kit includes delicious food such as cheese macaroni, brown sugar and maple cereal, and other dinner meal. Moreover, it is lightweight and very easy to prepare by just adding water. This is definitely a must for your bug-out bags or your survival bunks.

Pros: Lightweight, easy to prepare, high quality, great taste, natural flavor, healthy food, affordable, convenient, can be easily kept in food storage

Cons: It is in a box which may make it difficult to carry in times of emergency, however, the pouches can be transferred to your own bug-out bag.


Courtesy of ReadyWise

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  1. Augason Farms 72-Hour 1-Person Emergency Food Supply

For our second pick, we have the Augason Farms 72-Hour 1-Person Emergency Food Supply. Augason Farms is another company that is very well-known to the prepping world as they have been around for already 50 years in the shelf-table food industry. Augason Farms recognizes the need for emergency preparedness which has pushed the development of food storage products. This made them into one of the favorite brands of preppers all around the world. 

The Augason 72 hour kit includes five easy-to-prep meal varieties including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a fruit snack. This food kit has healthy food like potato soup and banana chips. This food kit comes in 42 generous servings that are intended to last for three days for one person. Consuming all the nutritious meals for one day would sustain the person 2,667 calories and 56g of protein per day. This Augason kit’s will last 10-25 years depending on if stored properly. One benefit of this Augason kit is that it is conveniently packaged in a grab-and-go pail which can be very helpful for prepping.

Pros: Packaged in a grab-and-go pail, has a large number of servings, easy to cook, natural flavor, includes banana chips

Cons: Does not include liquids

Courtesy of Augason Farms

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3. My Patriot Supply Ready Hour 72-Hour Survival Food Kit - Emergency Food Storage 

Our third pick is My Patriot Supply’s Ready Hour 72-Hour Survival Food Kit. This food kit is one out of our two pouch-type picks and this is ranked third for a very good reason. This food kit includes 20 servings for only a regular price of $24.59, which means it gives you one serving for only a dollar and 22 cents. For us, that is already quite a steal, especially since it will last for 25 years. It will also provide you with more than 2,000 calories per day which adds up to 6,000 calories.

The emergency food kit is placed in a pouch with an oxygen absorber which makes it very portable and easy to pack in bugout bags and emergency kits. It is also very easy to cook just like the two first products by just adding water. This kit includes emergency food like creamy chicken flavored rice, homestyle potato soup, and other breakfast and dinner options. My Patriot Supply also has other numerous options for you to choose from.

Pros: Portable, budget-friendly, price, easy to cook

Cons: Calorie count may not be sufficient for some people

Courtesy of My Patriot Supply

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4. 4Patriots 72-Hour Survival Food Kit

The 4Patriots 72-Hour Survival Food Kit is fourth on our list. For only the regular price of $27.00 you already get 16 servings and 3,760 total calories. The calorie count is definitely important for our survival for us preppers, and this food kit already provides 1,253 calories per day. Moreover, it lasts for 25 years so it's perfect for any SHTF scenario that may come. 

This 72-Hour Survival Food Kit has three meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—just right for your survival food. It claims to be the perfect starter for your prepper and emergency stash needs.

Pros: ok price, high-calorie count, portable, easy to use, easy storage

Cons: not much variety in food choices

Courtesy of eBay

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  1. 72Hours Emergency Food Rations

For our #5 in our best list for 72 hour emergency food supply kits, we chose 72Hours’ Emergency Food Rations. This pack does not include meals but only energy food bars made of wheat flour, corn starch, and other healthy natural ingredients that are non-GMO. This kit has a regular price of $15.49 that could already last for 3-5 days. It includes 9 bars rich with 410 calories each bar brings 3600 total calories to sustain you during unexpected disasters. 

What’s also good with this kit is that it will last up to 5 years if properly stored and can withstand temperatures of 30°C to 65°C. Moreover, it has heat-sealed packaging to assure you that it will maintain maximum freshness when opened. Reviews show that the food bars taste like cookies with a hint of vanilla, so it is perfect for emergency use or even regular consumption.

Pros: regular price, heat-sealed packaging, high-calorie count, can withstand extreme temperatures, non-GMO

Cons: short shelf life

Courtesy of Amazon

Get your 72Hours Emergency Food Rations here


A 72 hour kit might be an incomplete food security solution for you and your family, it is still a must-have in your preparedness stack. It is important to ensure that you have an emergency supply for bug-out and SHTF situations. Food is your #1 priority for survival and prepping and we highly suggest the ReadyWise 72 Hour Emergency Food and Drink Supply as we see it to be the best in the market. Considering the price, calorie count, and shelf life, ReadyWise will be your wisest choice.


We evaluated all 72-hour emergency food supply kits that are available in the market and based on factors that would make these products worth it and a must for your emergency and preparedness stacks. We weighed the factors of pricing, shelf life, how many people it serves, the number of servings, the number of calories per serving, and the inclusions of the kits. Thus, creating our top 5 list of the best 72 hour kits.


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