ReadyWise Food Review (Which to buy)

ReadyWise Food Review (Which to buy) - Uppercut Tactical

ReadyWise Food Review (Which to buy)

When preparing for any emergency or even an outdoor adventure, food is the number one priority for everyone. And sometimes, it gets overwhelming to think about it because there are many options available in the market. But ReadyWise is already five steps ahead of you. ReadyWise helps you prepare for food planning in any emergency, disaster, or SHTF situation you are preparing for. 

Emergency preparedness starts with planning. And planning your emergency food supply can be the first step towards ensuring you and your family's survival.

Overview: ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply

ReadyWise is the best emergency food supply provider—ranking first in numerous prepper blogs for their amazing food supply kits. ReadyWise has a wide variety of choices for long-term emergency food. 

In this article, we will be talking about five ReadyWise emergency food supply products that can make or change your prepping journey. Not only are these products great for long-term food storage, but they are flavorful and nutritious as well. ReadyWise is ready with all options depending on the type of situation you’re preparing for and the type of food you want to store.

Who is ReadyWise?

ReadyWise is a free-standing company that provides dependable emergency food supply and long-term storage survival food kits. ReadyWise takes an innovative approach towards survival preparedness. They have various products that can help you in your emergency needs such as freeze dried food, freeze dried fruit, and freeze dried meat, that are available for any situation. ReadyWise also has survival bags, water filtration tools, generators, and other emergency supplies.

Is ReadyWise food made in the USA?

ReadWise food is made in the United States. This assures you high-quality products and safety for you and your family. ReadyWise emergency food supply contains freeze dried fruit, freeze dried vegetables, and other freeze dried food that can make a great meal in times of need.

Is ReadyWise a good company?

Yes! ReadyWise has been a wise choice for numerous consumers. ReasyWise has received tons of positive reviews from happy customers, rating them five stars on most of their products. They have a 4/5 stars rating from Trustpilot which shows thousands of real reviews coming from real customers.

What is the shelf life of ReadyWise?

Most of the ReadyWise products have a shelf life of 25 years, all of which have high quality and great taste. They serve gourmet long-term food storage for families and preppers. Having a good backup emergency food supply is important in preparing for you and your family in any emergency or SHTF situation. Storing emergency food and drink supply kits saves you money as well because you do not need to rotate your stockpile as much as you expected from a fresh working pantry.

Are ReadyWise meals any good?

Not only are ReadyWise meals good for long-term food storage and premium quality for emergency food supplies, but they also stand out among other companies because of their great flavor. ReadyWise offers kits with meals that tastes just like your favorite home-cooked dishes, compared to other companies. ReadyWise meals include packaged freeze dried vegetables, freeze dried fruit, and proteins. They are very easy to cook as well---add water (hot water or over the heat) and you're set!

Without further ado, let's explore our top 5 ReadyWise products and see why we recommend them so highly. 

Best for your bug-out bag: 72 Hour Emergency Food And Drink Supply

This ReadyWise 72-Hour Emergency Food And Drink Supply is the best for your bug-out bag and your prepper stockpile. This kit has 32 servings and both meals and drinks for only $44.99 USD. This is the best option for a quick getaway situation for you and your family. This ReadyWise kit will last you for up to three days which is perfect in case of an SHTF or emergency situation.

This ReadyWise emergency food kit is also very portable and packed with 260 calories per serving adding up to 8,320 total calories. This ReadyWise emergency food supply has a shelf life of 25 years which makes the most out of your buck.

What is a 72 hr kit?

A 72 Hour food kit is a type of emergency food supply that is made for long-term food storage for up to 25 years. This is useful when it comes to emergencies, challenging situations, and especially for SHTF events. These ReadyWise kits contain long-term dehydrated meals and powdered milk that are very easy to cook and have a great flavor which makes them perfect for your prepper stockpile. These kits are made to sustain an individual for three days or even longer, depending on their consumption. 

These 72-hour emergency food supply products are the best for preparing for events such as food shortages as natural and man-made disasters are bound to happen to everyone.

Best Grab and Go Food Kit: Emergency Food Supply Ready Grab Bag

This ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply Ready Grab Bag is the best for grab-and-go situations. It is encapsulated in a 10L dry bag which makes it the best to grab in emergencies and bug-out situations. Plus, it makes it handy to keep your supplies from getting wet.  For a good value of only $119.99 USD, this food kit has 60 servings of savory and high-quality entrée meals with gluten-free options. 

With this ReadyWise Grab Bag, you can have seven days' worth of food at 1800 calories per person per day adding up to 13,880 total calories for the whole kit. This can ensure you enough sustenance and nutrition-packed meals. The meals in this bag are packed in Mylar pouches, ensuring that the taste will still be good even if you cooked it a decade after your purchase. 

Best Long-Term Food Supply Option: 120 Serving Emergency Food Supply

This ReadyWise emergency food supply is the best long-term food supply option for you and your family. This ReadyWise product is a 120 Serving Emergency Food Supply with 13 entree meals and each pouch contains four servings. The pouches are encapsulated in a heavy-duty bucket with grab-and-go handles which make this kit very portable as well as safe from pests or exposure to weather. This is also a perfect addition to your emergency supplies inventory for natural disaster situations that would require you to provide food at home without any modern amenities like refrigerated fresh food.

This ReadyWise product is an excellent backup to your FIFO pantry prep, especially for situations where you’re going to be stuck at home or in an alternate location for an extended period of time.  For only $299.99 USD you can have 13 days worth of food and 1800 calories per person per day, adding up to 24,360 calories in total for the whole ReadyWise kit. This is the best option for your long-term stockpile as it has a shelf life of 25 years. And just like every ReadyWise product, it only requires minimal effort to cook by just adding water.

The Budget Bucket: 52 Serving Prepper Pack Bucket

If you’re only starting up your prepper pantry or don’t have the budget for the ReadyWise 120 Serving Emergency Food Supply, don’t worry! ReadyWise has a budget option for you and your survival needs in this ReadyWise 52 Serving Prepper Pack Bucket. This product is very similar to the 120-serving kit but this one has fewer servings and prepared meals and is way more budget-friendly. Also, if you prefer smaller buckets to bulk on this one is a must for you!

This ReadyWise product is only $99.99 USD with 8,280 total calories. This is a perfect product to start for any prepper. It contains eight great-tasting freeze dried food and will last you at least four days with 1800 calories per day. It is very easy to prepare which makes it a great emergency food solution for natural disasters like a snow storm or a weather emergency. 

Our Flavor Town Favorite: 84 Serving Breakfast & Entree Grab & Go Bucket

This ReadyWise product is great for preppers out there who want to eat a variety of food options and that is why this is our flavor town favorite! This ReadyWise 84 Serving Breakfast & Entree Grab & Go Bucket has 10 different great-tasting freeze dried and dehydrated breakfast and entree foods for you and your loved ones. 

This is highly recommendable for preppers and folks who do not want to be left with bland food during emergencies. As they say, food is the cure for the soul and food can enlighten everyone amidst crisis. This ReadyWise product costs only $199.99 USD and contains 9 days' worth of food at 1800 calories per day adding up to 17,680 calories in total. This is also a great pack to bulk for you and your family in preparation for any SHTF situation.


And that wraps up our review of ReadyWise's excellent line of emergency food kits. In summary, we've found ReadyWise products to offer a great value - with packaging and variety as good as any other provider, plus the added benefit of having really good tasting food in comparison. While we hope to never have to fall back on our emergency food supply, it's a relief knowing that, if we do, we won't be stuck with bland, grey-tasting MRE bars!


Uppercut Tactical has chosen these five ReadyWise products that we see and review as the best fit for specific cases. Like how the ReadyWise 72-Hour Emergency Food And Drink Supply is the best for your bug-out bag and how the ReadyWise Grab and Go Bag is the best portable option. We have chosen these products that we consider to have good value with great nutritional value and a perfect fit for your preferences. 

We have based our review and opinion on our personal experiences in purchasing and using these ReadyWise products - from packaging, taste, and functionality during times of emergency which overall has impressed us. Choosing ReadyWise Emergency Food will be your best choice for your prepping needs or even for planning your next outdoor adventure.


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