What are Templar Knives?

What are Templar Knives? - Uppercut Tactical

What are Templar Knives?

If you’ve been in the market for a new automatic knife, there is a huge variety to choose from, depending on whether you are looking for an EDC, tactical, or survival knife. One of the most important names in the mid-range sector is Templar Knife, a Texas knifemaker specializing in out-the-front (OTF) knives.

Discover more about this outstanding mid-range brand, what you should expect from a Templar knife, and why they offer the best value for money on the OTF knife market.

Who Are Templar Knife?

The company was founded in 2018 by some of the most passionate bladesmiths in the Dallas area. Templar Knife is a Texas family-owned and operated business with an eye for innovation and a focus on quality, integrity, customer service, and education.

Backed by a lifetime of passion for knives, company founder and president Shawn Cauble made these values into Templar’s core tenets when they launched their first OTF knife. Since then, Templar Knife has continued innovating and offering quality automatic knives at affordable prices.

1776 Templar OTF Knife

Why OTF Knives?

The mainstay of Templar Knife’s catalog is the double-action OTF knife, a specific type of switchblade with a unique mechanism. Instead of deploying or retracting through a side opening, an OTF knife’s blade slides and retracts from a single frontal port.

Templar’s OTF knives are double action, so the activation button lets you pull the blade out then retract it back inside using the same controls. This makes them more convenient for one-handed usage.

Templar OTF Knife Blade Options 

What to Expect From Templar Knives

While other knifemakers in the same sector typically focus on the luxury knife market, Templar’s flagship model, the GEN II, aims to offer high-end-style features and the highest possible quality for less than $100. This model represents the quality you can expect of Templar Knife, which you can buy at Uppercut Tactical.


Some of the features you can expect from a GEN II knife include:


  • 3 sizes, each with different blade and grip dimensions
  • 440C stainless steel blade, heat-treated and hardened to 58 HRC
  • 3 blade styles, each available with or without serrations
  • A comfortable knife handle 
  • A belt clip
  • A glass breaker
  • Integrated safety features
  • Lifetime warranty and customer service


Templar Knife have also created a Premium model that offers high-end build and exceptional handling experience for a price that offers excellent value for money. In the Premium version, the GEN II’s internals have been reengineered for a smoother deployment action and an easier reset. 


The blades are crafted from ultra-durable powder D2 steel and coated in black oxide for long-lasting protection. They are finished with a stonewash look. 

The handles in the Premium line are available in zinc or aluminum. The heavyweight zinc offers incredible balance and maneuverability, while the aluminum is CNC-machined from a single block of billet for tiger tolerances. 

How to reset a Templar knife

If your blade fouls when being deployed or retracted, it may not extend or retract the blade all the way, causing the spring to lose tension. The safety feature has been activated if this happens, requiring you to reset your OTF knife.

Pull the blade out manually as far as it will go: This resets the blade by putting tension back into the spring. Test the knife by deploying and retracting it with the button; it should function correctly again.

How to care for your Templar knife

If your blade is very dirty or fouled, we recommend using a light lubricant such as Rem Oil. Thick oils can cause a bigger issue and gum up your knife even more.

With the blade fully retracted, apply a small quantity of Rem Oil to the opening. Pull the blade out manually and use a rag to wipe the blade free of oil and grime. Repeat until the blade is fully clean.

Why Templar Knives Offer the Best Value

Templar strives to produce the best OTF knives you can get for under $100. Although all Templar products are designed and made by a Texas-based company here in the United States, their commitment to integrity means they are open to their customers about the outsourced origin of their raw materials.

The result is knives that best serve their customers by combining inexpensive materials with American engineering and expertise. This allows Templar to offer their flagship GEN II knife at a great price. 

Shop the best EDC knives at Uppercut Tactical. For more information about our inventory of Templar Knife products, send us a message using our contact form.


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