Templar Knives vs Microtech Knives

Templar Knives vs Microtech Knives - Uppercut Tactical

Templar Knives vs Microtech Knives

Out the front knives (OTF) are often considered some of the best automatic knives, and they derive their popularity from their reliable mechanisms and concealable designs. Single action and double action OTF knives provide exceptional grip when deploying the blade, which improves knife security compared to a standard side-opening pocket knife.

OTF knives are mid to high-end knives because of their complex spring-assisted mechanism. While the quality of a high-end OTF knife like a Benchmade Infidel is great, the price can be restrictive for many people. 

We The People Templar OTF Knife

Fortunately, there are high-quality midrange OTF options by Templar Knives and Microtech Knives. If you are in the market for an automatic knife, these two companies are outstanding alternatives to more expensive blades, with Templar knives’ lower price and high-quality materials giving it the edge for the best midrange OTF knife. 

Templar vs. Microtech: Feature by Feature

These two brands compete for the best midrange OTF knife, with their prices ranging from $80 for the classic Templar Gen II to $300 for a Microtech Ultratech. Despite both companies creating knives for the midrange price bracket, there is a noticeable price difference between the two. 

Templar delivers a quality product at a less restrictive price point than Microtech. Even Templar’s Premium OTF Full Knife that is made in Texas is less expensive than the basic Microtech OTF alternative. Check out the feature by feature breakdown to find out if Microtech is worth the higher price or if Templar knives are truly an unmatched deal. 

Ease of carry

One of the main draws of OTF knives is their ease of carry. Compared to fold-out knives that tend to be bulky, an OTF knife is slim and comfortable for any occasion. The main concern for comfort and concealment is the knife’s pocket clip and pocket fit. 

Both Microtech and Templar OTF knives deliver on thin construction that allows easy concealed carry. The two brands differ in their pocket clip construction. The Microtech Ultratech’s pocket clip is a bit too short because of its lanyard hole. This means the knife does not quite reach full deep carry with thicker pants. The Templar OTF models do not share the same issue.


Both knives have superb deployment and retraction mechanisms. Microtech creates single and double action options, while Templar Knife blades are only double action. However, Templar actions are made with computerized numerical control (CNC) for precision component milling, providing frictionless movement. 

US Flag Faded Templar OTF Knife

Inherent in the OTF mechanism is slight blade play. Blade play is a slight jiggling or movement, vertically or laterally, in the blade. Templar and Microtech OTF knives both experience blade play, but their quality locking mechanisms keep movement to a minimum.

Blade build

A knife’s blade should be either extremely durable and corrosion-resistant or easily sharpened for simple maintenance. The Classic Gen II Templar OTF knife blade is made of 440 stainless steel that is hardened to 58 HR. This means that it is easy to sharpen for a long-lasting knife. 

The Premium Templar OTF blade is made of powdered D2 steel, which offers long-lasting edge retention and corrosion resistance. Both premium and classic versions come in several blade styles, including double-edge dagger, tanto, and drop point with optional serration.

Templar OTF Knife Blade Options

The Microtech Ultratech uses CTS-204p steel for its OTF blades. It is semi-stainless steel that is extremely durable and chip resistant with good edge retention. Like all strong steel, it is hard to sharpen. It also has various blade options.

Templar Edges Out Microtech for Midrange OTF Knives

If you are in the market for a true midrange OTF knife that pairs high-quality materials with a low price point, Templar classic or premium OTF knives are your best option. They deliver on concealability, durability and have a reliably smooth mechanism. The Microtech Ultratech is made of strong steel and a reliable mechanism, but it has a slightly awkward fit and is significantly more expensive than the Templar alternatives. 

At Uppercut Tactical, we sell high-quality knives made by Texas based company Templar Knife. Contact us today to learn more about Templar OTF knives and any of our other made in the USA products.

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    Hey! Just ordered 2 premium weighted Templar OTF knives. Is there a difference in deployment strength between the premium & Gen 2 standard? I’m good with safety (doesn’t pierce leg on deployment) but I’d be stoked if it could pierce on deployment.

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