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Patriotic Knives

Show your American Pride with our selection of patriotic knives. We carry a large selection of patriotic pocket knife designs suitable for every American in any application.

Classic Patriotic Knife Designs

Our extensive selection of patriotic knife designs includes all-time classics such as US flag knives, Texas flag OTF knives, Betsy Ross 1776 folding knives, or Eagle We The People knives. These timeless designs make excellent gifts that are sure to please the patriots and freedom lovers among your friends and family.

Blue Line Flag Templar Knife

Browse our Thin Blue Line Knife Selection

We also offer many USA pocket knives with famous thin line variants of the USA flag. Thin line flags are monochrome American flags (typically black and white), except for a single, colored line representing a uniformed or essential service.

Thin line flags and knives featuring thin line flag designs are a popular method of showing your support for your favorite uniformed heroes.

Show your support for our police forces with a Thin Blue Line pocket knife, stand with the military and uniformed service members with a Back The Green folding knife, or display your appreciation of firefighting personnel with one of our Back The Red blades.

Lets Go Brandon Templar Knife

Other Patriotic Patterns

Our patriotic knife selection also includes iconic American and pro-liberty symbols, such as the famous Don’t Tread On Me Gadsden Flag, the classic Come And Take It cannon flag, or a modern variation of it featuring a modern sporting rifle.

One of our latest models is the special edition Let’s Go Brandon knife, ideal for making an LGB (or FJB) statement.

Suitable For All Patriots

Regardless of the design you choose, our patriotic pocket knives are suitable for a wide array of applications. Whether you need a quality knife for hunting, fishing, camping, survival situations, tactical uses, or everyday carry (EDC), we have a model for you.

Many of our knives come with convenient features, such as protective blade coatings, or integrated pocket clips, ideal for convenient carrying and showing off your knife’s design.

Filter our knives by product type, brand, handle materials, colors, and blade length, and find the perfect model for your needs. Our knives feature high-quality stainless steel blades, available in multiple styles and finishes, with or without serrations. 

Shop Patriotic Knives at Uppercut Tactical

At Uppercut Tactical, we have the best range of midrange knives in patriotic style. We stock double action OTF knives made by a Texas based company, Templar Knife, which offer the perfect balance of high-quality components and reliable US construction. Explore our full range online today.


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