Best Double-Action OTF Knife Under $100

Best Double-Action OTF Knife Under $100 - Uppercut Tactical

Best Double-Action OTF Knife Under $100

OTF knives are an excellent choice for everyday carrying (EDC). Their mechanical attributes allow for exceptionally thin, lightweight, and concealable designs. Templar Knives offers the ideal balance of quality and affordability if you’re in the market for an OTF knife under $100

What is an OTF Knife?

An OTF knife (out-the-front) is a tactical pocket knife featuring a frontal blade opening. OTF knives differ from standard pocket knives, which traditionally employ side-openings.

The primary advantage of an OTF knife over other types of pocket knives is its mechanism. An OTF knife lets you deploy the blade at the press of a button (like a switchblade) while keeping a strong, full-handed grip on the handle. 

Single action or double action?

OTF knives come in two forms: Single action and double action. The only difference between the two is the number of functions the activation button possesses.

On a single action OTF knife, the button’s only purpose is to release a retracted blade. Once fully extended, the button locks in place, and the user must manually retract the blade.

In contrast, the button of a double action OTF knife allows the user to extend and retract the blade at will.

How Much Does an OTF Knife Cost?

Historically, double action OTF knives were more expensive than single action models, but advances in technology made it possible to find high-quality models for an affordable price.

OTF knives generally fall into two price categories: High-end and mid-market. The high-end range is where you’ll find some of the oldest and most well-known players in the industry, such as Benchmade or Microtech. 

While OTF knives in this category are typically very high quality and 100% U.S.-made, they command equally high price points, ranging from $190 to over $500.

The mid-market segment is an excellent choice if you’re looking for OTF knives under $100. While these affordable knife models offer excellent build quality, they typically feature foreign parts like steel to keep the costs down. You can shop premium quality knives at Uppercut Tactical.

What is the Best OTF Knife Under $100?

Although many options are available for this price point, the best mid-market OTF knife is a Texas product: The Templar GEN II OTF knife.

Templar’s GEN II OTF knife is more than a single model; it is a family of OTF knives with numerous options available, so you can create your own custom knife. The GEN II comes in large, slim, and small. 

You can choose from six different blade styles, including tanto, drop point, dagger, and serrated versions. Each blade shape comes in your choice of two colors: Classic silver and modern black oxide. 

Depending on your carrying preference, the GEN II is available in weighted or lightweight models and features a variety of handle types and patterns.

Large and Slim versions of the Gen II come with full-size blades (3.5” and 3.43” respectively), whereas the Small version possesses a reduced-size 2.69” pocket knife blade, ideal for maximum concealment. All models come with a custom-designed handle, a glass breaker, and a concealed carrying pocket clip.

All Templar GEN II knife blades use industry-standard 440C stainless steel, heat-treated to a hardness rating of 58 HR. 440C is well-known for its extreme durability and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for EDC and fighting knife blades.

Although Templar sources raw materials from abroad, the GEN II knife blades are 100% hand-assembled, tested, and inspected in the United States. This U.S. quality control makes the GENII on par with equivalent models from high-end manufacturers.

Why Templar Knives are a Cut Above the Rest

Based in Ellis County, TX, just 30 miles south of Dallas, Templar Knife is a Texas family-operated business striving to offer the best OTF knives on the market.

Combining the advantages of outsourced materials with American manufacturing expertise allows us to pass on the savings to our customers and offer high-quality knives at affordable prices.

Shop premium quality knives at Uppercut Tactical. Contact us using our convenient online form for more information about the Templar Knife product lineup available at Uppercut Tactical.

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